About Universell

Universell is the Norwegian national coordinator in higher education for universal design and inclusive learning environments.

Our main tasks are:

  • Support on demand to higher education institutions in questions of developing inclusive learning environments for students with disabilities through universal design and reasonable individual accommodation.
  • Providing useful information through our websites.
  • Organising meeting points such as conferences and forums.
  • Coordinating and contributing to a network of employees working with these questions at higher education institutions.
  • Representing higher education in different governmental committees.


Our target group is staff working with students with disabilities and learning environment in general. 

Brief history

The National Coordinator of Accessibility of Higher Education (now Universell) was founded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education in 2003. Universell is organisationally associated with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 

From 2007 Universell has had a special responsibility for providing information on universal design in higher education. Parts of this project are: information on universal design of learning environments, support programmes for projects and courses on universal design, developing a web portal with guidelines and best practice for universal design.

From 2009 Universell was given the responsibility to coordinate the learning environment committees at higher education institutions.