Staff development

Accessibility of teaching-learning: handbook and workshop for academic stuff

Ariella Daniel Hellwing, Beit Berl Academic College
Yael Roitman Shraga, Beit Berl Academic College
Dr. Susie Russak, Beit Berl Academic College

In this presentation we will present a model for universal teaching-learning for teachers in higher education, and show the main principles and examples for inclusive learning. In addition, we will present the processes of implementation for academic stuff through workshops.

How to make your colleagues coworkers and get them inspired to join you in your work as a disability coordinator

MA. Judith Jansen, Expert Centre handicap + studie
MA. Hanke Van Buren, Radbout Universiteit Nijmegen

Radboud University and handicap+study joined forces to get staff of the university involved in the subject. Three projects are carried out in the area of employment, professional development of staff and accessibility of buildings and facilities. In this interactive workshop we will present the way we cooperate and we will invite participants to share their experiences.

Developing and implementing a national, professional accreditation scheme for disability practicioners

Paddy Turner, Natonal Association of Disability Practicioners / Sheffield Hallam University

The story of developing, implementing and promoting a UK national accreditation scheme for disability practitioners working in a wide range of roles in further and higher education. The scheme having run for two years this presentation highlights both the successes and the "teething problems" as lessons continue to be learned.

Support system for students with disabilitiesat University of Zagreb from the perspective of coordinators

MA. Sanja Krznarić, Association for the promotion of quality education of youth with disabilities "Imagine"

The lecture will concern the support system for students with disabilities at the University of Zagreb from the perspective of the University coordinators. The topics discussed will be the current accommodation at the University, the measures taken to ensure equal studying opportunities, and the Institutions assisting coordinators in their work.